Simplified Packaging

Almost every packaging design can be simplified and here is the example how it can be done. These well known brands are redesigned by Antrepo Design. Nice, right?

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5 Responses to “Simplified Packaging”

  1. There’s a significant difference between simple and thoughtless — the latter of which your “simple” designs fall. Awesome? More like awfull.

  2. He is UNdesigning Packaging. The opposite of what could be awesome.

  3. I agree. But it took me some thought to get there. Just not enough info on the face. Consumers would slowly begin to forget what is on the inside because of human nature. “That looks familiar, but what the hell is it again?” No sour cream, no chocolate, no milk or flakes, and i never knew what Toffeefee was.

  4. Nutella, red bull and schweppes work but the others don’t – where’s the information that you need? the pringles for example – how can you tell at a glance what flavour they are? Images are often needed.

  5. This is a design exercise for design’s sake.
    No new customers would know what these products are and as steve said, pretty soon they wold lose their resonance in the market due to people forgetting what was in them. Wouldnt it be nice if we could all design FMCG packaging that looked like this – f*ck the customer information, f*ck the competitors, f*ck the stupid visuals. At least we have a nice design to put in our portfolio.

    ‘Almost every packaging design can be simplified and here is the example how it can be done.’

    I can simplify the Bible and here is an example of how it can be done:

    ‘The Holy Bible
    Old Testament
    New Testament’

    (one sheet of paper is all u need!)